Marketing and Communication

The Marketing and Communication Department supports the dissemination of the research activity and the impact of the work developed by the ICN2 community.

In addition to managing the public and media relations of the Institute, the Department developed a series of classroom activities and training sessions for school teachers. The Department also offered Illustration, Graphic Design and Web Design services to offer an appealing image and message in all major publications and public materials produced by ICN2 scientists and Departments. The museum exhibition on Nanotechnology inaugurated in 2012 and partly financed by FECYT, Dimension Nano, could be visited until December 2014 at the mNACTEC museum in Terrassa (Spain).

This Department is deeply involved in the implementation of the new ICN2 image and working on internal cohesion tasks.

Àlex Argemí

Head of Marketing and Communication Department

Àlex Argemí